The Queer Futures research report is now available. The report describes the main findings from a two year national study funded by the Dept. Health. The aim of the study was to investigate LGBT youth, suicide, self-harm and help-seeking. The results of the study have generated a great deal of interest at a national level including the Governments Equalitaties Office, Dept. Health and Public Health England. Please feel free to download the report below.

Queer Futures Summary Report.pdf

Queer Futures Final Report.pdf

The slides below report the help-seeking findings only, and can be downloaded for free:

Queer Futures – Why did you ask for help?

Queer Futures – Why did you *not* ask for help?

Queer Futures – Who did you ask for help?

Queer Futures – What is your preferred mode of help-seeking?

Queer Futures – Who are you most likely to ask for help?

Queer Futures – How helpful was the support, advice or information?

Did you know you can find all our infographics on our website and they are free to use/download?… AM Jul 7th