November 2021:

Academic article: “Tackling LGBTQ+ youth mental health inequality: Mapping mental health support across the UK”: https://bit.ly/3kDip65

June 2021:

Academic article: “Explaining effective mental health support for LGBTQ+ youth: A meta-narrative review”: https://bit.ly/2UqBT3n


The Queer Futures research report is now available. The report describes the main findings from a two year national study funded by the Dept. Health. The aim of the study was to investigate LGBT youth, suicide, self-harm and help-seeking. The results of the study have generated a great deal of interest at a national level including the Governments Equalities Office, Dept. Health and Public Health England. Please feel free to download the report below.

Queer Futures Summary Report.pdf

Queer Futures Final Report.pdf

This journal article explains why LGBTQ+ young people might have higher rates of suicidality and self-harm: The social determinants of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth suicidality in England: a mixed methods study

This journal article explains why LGBTQ+ young people are reluctant to seek help from mental health services: Norms and normalisation: understanding lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer youth, suicidality and help-seeking

The slides below report the help-seeking findings only, and can be downloaded for free:

Queer Futures – Why did you ask for help?

Queer Futures – Why did you *not* ask for help?

Queer Futures – Who did you ask for help?

Queer Futures – What is your preferred mode of help-seeking?

Queer Futures – Who are you most likely to ask for help?

Queer Futures – How helpful was the support, advice or information?

Check out the latest @Mental_Elf blog about our literature review and synthesis on #lgbtq+ youth mental health supp… https://t.co/2KmqUCB4dC6:59 PM May 30th