What does the project involve?

Our research study will have three stages.  First, we will examine the international research on mental health services for LGBTQ+ young people to understand what type of services seem to work best for LGBTQ+ young people and will improve their mental health.

Second, we will search for all early intervention mental health services across the UK that have been developed for LGBTQ+ young people. These services are not just clinical services such as CAMHS but will also include education based provision, youth service support, peer support services and online services.

Thirdly, we will choose 12 of the services we have found and ask the LGBTQ+ young people, their family/carers and staff from these services about what works and what does not in improving LGBTQ+ young people’s mental health, and how we can improve mental health services.

How will the research be used?

Our project aims to produce research that will improve the provision of mental health support for LGBTQ+ young people when they first start experiencing mental health problems. We will also produce guidance for the NHS so they can develop mental health services that LGBTQ+ young people feel safe to use and that meet their needs.

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