Why is this study being done?

  • Children and young people’s mental health is a national UK priority
  • LGBTQ+ young people are more likely than heterosexual or cis young people to experience mental health problems
  • CAMHS recognised to be under intense pressure
  • LGBTQ+ young people underutilise mental health services
  • The Queer Futures study found only 20% of research participants accessed mental health services
  • The Queer Futures study found of those who accessed mental health services less than half found them helpful
  • There is very little research on the type of mental health services LGBTQ+ young people would find appropriate and would meet their needs.

The Queer Futures study results are here

In Queer Futures 2, we aim to produce research that will improve the provision of mental health support for LGBTQ+ young people when they first start experiencing mental health problems. There is very little research on LGBTQ+ young people and mental health support and as a result, we do not understand what type of support would improve their mental health.

We’re also working closely with The Blueprint study, who are looking at the different kinds of outpatient and community-based services that are available for children and young people experiencing ‘common mental health problems’. You can find out more about The Blueprint Study by clicking here

Check out the latest @Mental_Elf blog about our literature review and synthesis on #lgbtq+ youth mental health supp… https://t.co/2KmqUCB4dC6:59 PM May 30th